PODS is Perfect for Long Distance Moves
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PODS is ideal for long-distance moves. 


Whether you're moving to the next state over or across the country, there are so many things to consider as part of your move.

Should you hire movers? Will they take care of your stuff as well as you will? Plus, they're so expensive! Or maybe get a rental truck? If you get a rental truck, who's going to drive your car? Should you get your car shipped? 

PODS was created by people who faced the same difficulties - and knew there was a better way to move. 

We do the driving. 

Driving a rental truck for even a few miles gets tiring - they're unwieldy on the highway - and many of them are limited to 55 mph! Then you've got to find a gas station with diesel fuel and pay an arm and a leg to fill up the truck. Plus, you pay per mile, so hopefully you won't get lost or want to detour to see the sights along the way.

At PODS, we take care of the driving. You lock your possessions at your house, and we'll pick up your container and move it to your next house or one of our Secure Storage Centers.

We do the driving, but when it comes to your move, PODS puts you in the driver's seat. 

Moving + Storage

PODS makes it easy to both moving and storage. When you're relocating for a job, you might not know where you're going to live when you get to your new city. PODS lets you keep your belongings in one of our secure Storage Centers, where it's safe and won't get loaded or unloaded multiple times like with full-service movers. 

Once you've found the perfect new home, just schedule your delivery and your stuff will be right where you want it - packed just how you left it.

Take your time.

Moving is stressful enough without trying to get your entire house loaded or unloaded in a day. PODS rents your container to you on a monthly basis, so you can pack or unpack at your own pace. 

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