How to Load Your PODS Container

Container Packing & Loading - Made Easy

  • As you are packing, take a few extra minutes to write an inventory of the items you are packing. If you have more than one container or are using a PODS container in combination with a rental truck, be sure to document what goes where.
  • Pack your valuables and essentials separately and plan on keeping these items with you.
  • Label boxes to make unloading easy.
  • Put heavy items in smaller boxes for easier lifting. Lightweight items can go in larger boxes.
  • Pack as much as you can into boxes. This will provide greater protection for your belongings and will make loading your PODS container easier. Moving supplies can be conveniently purchased at
  • Use picture boxes & bubble wrap when packing pictures & mirrors. Flat screen TV boxes are also available for your large screen TVs. Use special care when positioning these items in the PODS container.
  • Lamps and other large items can be bubble wrapped and placed in boxes. Remove light bulbs and box lamp shades separately.
  • Reinforce the bottom of all boxes with tape. Fill each box to its capacity, using packing paper or fillers to eliminate empty spaces. The top and sides of each box shouldn't bulge, nor should they cave in when closed.
Pack with moving blankets
Protect your furniture with moving blankets
  • Use moving blankets to protect furniture. Moving blankets can be purchased or rented by contacting a PODS call center agent, or purchased at
  • Use moving bands (Giant rubber bands) or Shrink wrap to keep the moving blanket in position. Unlike tape, both of these options are much easier to remove.
  • To help prevent mold, mildew, and odors inside the container, consider using moisture absorbers. These can be purchased at or your local home improvement store.
Use tie-downs to secure your belongings
Pack wall to wall, bottom to top

PODS has several styles of containers. Each style has tie-downs enabling you to secure your items with rope or tie-down straps.

  • Wrap couches, mattresses and other “soft” furniture with stretch wrap or plastic mattress bags.
  • Cover appliances with cardboard or moving blankets.
  • Do Not load all your heavy items first. Distribute the weight of your contents throughout the container. Use all available space inside the PODS container to pack your belongings. This includes wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling.
  • Place heavy items on the bottom, lighter items on the top.
  • Turn couches on end.
  • Use mattress covers to protect your mattress.
  • Mix small items with larger items to fill spaces. Don't save all your boxes for the end.
  • Cover items that could be damaged by sunlight if you will be keeping your container stored outside your home for more than a few weeks.
  • Tie down all your belongings a section at a time, taking advantage of the conveniently placed eyehooks inside your PODS container. Mattresses make great “barriers” to hold smaller items in place.
  • Secure your PODS container with a lock when it is unattended. Locks can be purchased when booking your container by contacting a PODS call center agent.