Frequently Asked Questions | PODS


Q: Do you prorate for unused days?

A: PODS does not prorate monthly rates. We offer excellent value and will work with you when scheduling to take advantage of the billing cycle to minimize the stress in scheduling your move.

Q: What day is my storage rent due?

A: PODS storage rent is due on the day the container is delivered and continues on a monthly billing cycle thereafter until you are finished using the container. We offer all major credit cards and automatic payment. You can also access your account and make payments online.

Q: Can I change the date of when the costs hit my credit card?

A: The system automatically charges your credit card. This is no way to stop this transaction.

Q: Can I put some of the charge on one credit card and the rest on another?

A: Yes. You can call our agents for details.

Q: What if I need to access my contents while they're in storage?

A: You can schedule access to your container by contacting our customer service department. Access is available to our Storage Center locations typically within 24 to 48 hours, 6 days per week. There is no additional charge for this service. PODS internal container access can vary by location.

Q: If I can't fill an entire container, what do I do?

A: PODS containers are designed to allow for partial household loads. There are eyehooks for tie downs every 4 feet and throughout the container that permit securing the load.

Q: Do I have to be there when the PODS container is dropped-off or picked-up?

A: No, although we recommend that someone be present whenever possible. Our deliveries and pick-ups may occur at any time after 7:00 am local time. The customer is responsible for ensuring that there is adequate clearance and accessibility for the desired location of the container.