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Compare us to Copy Cats

PODS delivery versus competitor

We’ve been helping people Move and Store since 1998 and have completed over 2 million deliveries. We pride ourselves on treating your possessions like they're our own and, like many successful companies, we’ve had our share of people copying our idea. Here are a few important questions to ask other container companies:

How much experience do they have?
PODS’ has completed over 2 million deliveries and services over 250 million households.

Do they have Storage Centers, how many, and are they climate controlled?
PODS’ has over 200 local, secure Storage Centers, with climate-controlled storage in most locations.

PODS delivery area

What type of delivery system do they have? Is it “tip-and-roll”?
PODS ultra-maneuverable, patented delivery system used to minimizes shifting of contents, instead of rolling the container off the back of the truck, like many copycats.

Is the container designed to be user friendly?
PODS breathable container has ambient, natural light to illuminate the inside of the container, and tie downs to secure your possesions.

How big are their containers and do they have different sizes?
Some competitors can’t even hold a king sized mattress in their containers. We know all situations involving moving and storage are different, which is why we offer more than one container size to our customers, often with more space than similar sized containers.

Do you have to be home to accept delivery?
With PODS, you don’t have to be home to accept delivery and we’ll email and call you with a 3 hour delivery window the night before.

PODS delivery truck


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