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seasonal merchandise

  • Increase inventory capacity and peak revenue
  • Easily store and transport unsold merchandise
  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction

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Planning that back-to-school sale? Ramping up holiday inventory? Retailers rely on PODS containers to flexibly expand their backrooms and increase sales during promotional periods.

Eliminate the shelf-space bottleneck. Expand the promotion of high-bulk, low-price-point products by stocking merchandise in PODS containers on-site but out of customer view.

React quicker. Transport slow-moving merchandise to a higher performing store across town with one phone call and no repacking, loading, or unloading trucks.

Simplify your pop-up store model. Stock merchandise directly into our containers on-site or from a central location, then move the loaded containers into our network of secure storage centers until they need to be repositioned or delivered. Securely store your goods for 10 days, 10 weeks, or 10 months.

Reduce inefficient steps and misdirected energy. Free your employees to concentrate on customers, not loading, unloading, and driving trucks. Then eliminate additional loading and unloading at off-site storage locations to reduce wasted time and likely shrinkage.