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Remodels, Resets, and Renovations

  • Secure merchandise from theft
  • Protect furniture from construction damage and debris
  • Keep subcontractors on schedule

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PODS is the perfect solution for remodels and renovations, as well as retail resets and refurbishments. Whether you’re a 2,000-location general merchandiser or a boutique remodeling contractor, be assured that PODS can support nearly any size renovation project.

Easily move merchandise. You can load a PODS® container on-site and transport it to a secure Storage Center until you’re ready for restocking. You can even split merchandise into multiple containers and have us deliver them to other stores for stocking and resale.

Give yourself room to work. Replacing floors, walls, ceilings, and utilities is time-consuming work. It goes faster when contractors don’t have to work around fixtures and furniture. Using PODS storage containers adds time back to already busy days.

Reduce your liability. Leaving furniture or merchandise open to the hazards of construction projects is risky. From construction dust to theft, PODS offers affordable protection of your client’s valuable furnishings – locked securely on site or transported to a local Storage Center.