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New Store Openings

  • Open retail outlets and restaurants faster
  • Reduce on-site scheduling problems and space bottlenecks

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Thanks to our national network of mobile, on-demand warehouses, PODS has helped hundreds of retailers and restaurants achieve their business goals without worry or overspending.

Standardize your retail concept. Use PODS to centrally kit and transport fixtures, furniture, and equipment. Avoid the bottlenecks of new store development while increasing compliance with brand standards.

Get ahead of schedule. Stop trying to time truck deliveries based on location, construction schedules, or contractor/manager/franchisee availability. Position store components in a nearby PODS® storage center until all parties are ready.

Be ready for the unexpected. PODS containers can be left on-site and used by contractors during staging and installation of FF&E. This provides much-needed space for last-minute deliveries or changes.

Protect your investment. Unlike converted steel shipping containers, PODS’ weather-resistant containers “breathe.” This reduces the condensation that can damage laminates, packaging, and valuable custom-manufactured store fixtures.