How PODS Works

How PODS Works:

How PODS Works

PODS allows you to combine Local and Long-Distance Transportation, Secure Warehouse Storage, and On-Site Project Storage in ways that eliminate steps, reduce project times, and respond cost-effectively to project changes and customer requests.

PODS can help you solve complex logistical problems. Enable new business models. Pursue competitive strategies. Compress your project timelines. Stop thinking about your business needs in pieces, and put them all together in ways that delight your customers and innovate your business!

Our unique approach to solving problems uses our 5 core PODS system elements:

  • PODS┬« Secure Mobile Storage Containers
  • PODZILLA┬« Proprietary Level-Load Lift System
  • Local Truck Fleets and National Transportation Hubs
  • Local Climate-Controlled Storage Centers
  • PODS Business Central Account Team with Single Point of Contact