Restoration and Disaster Response

Restoration and Disaster Response

  • Protect salvaged assets
  • Increase storage capacity for large-scale events
  • Stage dispensing sites

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PODS provides flexible, immediate options to restoration contractors, insurance carriers, and emergency response agencies for property incidents or large disasters.

Limit the losses. Storage of salvaged assets is critical to limiting further damage and future financial loss. Claims adjusters and casualty insurers alike rely on PODS, as our fleet of over 140,000 portable storage containers and hundreds of local trucks allows us to respond faster, on a greater scale, than other logistics options.

Scale your business with the need. Restoration contractors use PODS as add-ons to their own response capabilities. We expand on-site storage capacity, provide scalable help with pack-outs, and offer long-term storage of treated materials in a secure and climate-controlled environment.

Emergency preparedness starts with PODS. PODS works with state, municipal, and county agencies to stage mobile dispensing sites, provide emergency shelter storage, or provide an on-site workspace.

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