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PODS Packing Service Partners

At PODS our goal is to provide every customer with the very best moving and storage experience possible.  You have the choice to load the boxes and smaller items and hire professionals to take care of the heavy lifting.  After your belongings are well packed and loaded, lock the container and keep the key safe.

PODS provides moving and storage solutions which offer more convenience and flexibility than other alternatives.  Many of our customers prefer to pack, load and unload their own belongings; however, you do not have to do all the work yourself.  If you decide to hire a packing and loading service, you can contact the companies below to obtain a quote or select you own service provider..

Call or visit their website.*


Relocate Stress Free

Relocate Stress Free
(403) 457-5540


The Mover Guys

The Mover Guys
(780) 469 6644


Rent a Son

(866) 999-2766

*Employees of packing and loading companies are not employed by PODS. Relocate Stress Free, The Mover Guys, & Rent-A-Son are independently owned and operated companies and have no affiliation with PODS. PODS makes no warranty as to any services provided by them.