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PODS is the easier way to move with the
Personally Procured Move Program.

DITYThousands of military personnel across the country have chosen to store their stuff with us at PODS Storage Centers. We provide a stress free secure storage solution for servicemen and women who may be deployed overseas. PODS storage container units provide security and flexibility. Upon returning, we will move your moving or storage container to your new base, installation or home.

We also simply move families locally or long distances. We deliver the moving or storage container to your doorstep and then deliver the moving or storage container to your destination’s doorstep. Take your time loading and loading. We do all the driving so military personnel can focus more time with their families and ease the demands on their families while away serving our country.

PODS appreciates the commitment and sacrifices of our military service men and women as well as their families. PODS offers discounts for military serviceman and veterans. Call toll free 866-556-9574 and mention promo code MILT for details, or book online.


PODS ensures your stuff in storage is secure and makes DITY / PPM moves less stressful while putting money back in your pocket.

  1. Every DITY / PPM move requires visiting your Traffic Management Office (TMO) or Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO). You estimate the weight of your household goods and they will assign you a Personal Property Entitlement, which is like a budget.
  2. Next call PODS and mention you’re in the military. We’ll send your moving container to your door on the day you want it, plus we provide a military discount.
  3. You load everything at your own pace and control the way it is packed.
  4. We obtain DITY weight tickets for you when the moving or storage container is picked up. They arrive in the mail about a week later. We eliminate the weigh stations, paperwork, and driving!
  5. We can store your stuff for the first month at no extra charge or move you locally or around the US, Canada or Hawaii.
PODS appreciates our military families


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