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A win/win for contractors and contractors' customers

Whether you're installing new hardwood floors, updating a kitchen, building an addition or restoring a historic property, PODS containers are designed to make job sites safer, more convenient--even more profitable.

A safer work environment. PODS® storage containers eliminate the clutter and create unobstructed space to do your job safely, minimizing risk and costs associated with on the job injury, time delays and personal property damage.

Secure job site equipment. PODS provides contractors with a convenient onsite storage container allowing the secure storage of equipment, materials and tools, providing protection from the elements and mitigating theft.

Protection from dirt, drills and demolition. PODS® storage containers protect clients’ belongings from jobsite hazards. Clients can choose to store the containers in one of our dry and secure Storage Centres or on-site for easy access.

Make homes livable. Construction projects can last 12 days or up to 12 months. During this time, families must continue with their day to day lives. With PODS, homeowners do not have to squeeze furniture and possessions into the garage or basement or risk damage by moving items from room to room.

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