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Customized Relocation Services for Transferring Employees

Congratulations! If your company has had you contact PODS you have the opportunity to experience a new way to move and store your things which will provide less stress, more flexibility and likely to save you money.

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  • PODS will customize any move and can accommodate most budgets, from lump sum to direct bill and self service to full service.
  • Dedicated relocation specialist that will coordinate and manage every aspect of your move from start to finish, including labor services.
  • PODS can move you to 47 states and throughout Canada.
  • Between homes? PODS has hundreds of convenient and secure Storage Center.
  • Take your time packing, PODS is the same price for 1 day or 30.
  • No struggling with a ramp. PODS containers are easy to load because they are at ground level. Plus, we do all the moving.
  • No need for self-storage, with PODS, pack once and we'll deliver your belongings where you want them, when you want them.
  • 92% of PODS customers would recommend us to family and friends.