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Home Organization Checklist

You’ve decided you are going to organize your home. Now the big question is where to start?

Start by having a PODS® storage container delivered right to your home so you can begin decluttering and organizing the areas of your home that require the most attention.

To get started follow our organization checklist below:


  • Call your local sanitation office to properly dispose of old paint and chemicals.
  • Clear the floors, place items on shelves or pack them into boxes so they can be stored in your storage container.
  • Organize the items in your basement by grouping them together by category, e.g. tools, games, hockey & other sports equipment.


  • Remove everything from under the sink, and throw away any old or unnecessary items.
    • Organize the remaining items under the sink by placing the essential items in front.
    • Be sure to read labels and check with your local sanitation office for proper disposal of chemical agents.


  • Make sure all clothing is stored out of sight either in your closet, dresser, storage container or make a donation to your local Goodwill.
    • This is a good time to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last year.
  • Organize your dresser by removing any articles you no longer wish to keep.
  • Closets are an area often forgotten.
    • Go through the items in your closet and decide what stays, what goes and what can be stored.
    • Organize items (clothing, linens, and shoes) into categories such as business clothes, sheets, etc.
    • Throw out any broken items.
    • Donate old clothing.
  • Flip and rotate your mattress every year.
  • Space under the bed is great for storage but we often forget what’s under there.
    • Remove everything from under the bed and follow the same process outlined above to decide which items can stay, which can be stored and which can be donated.

Dining Room;

  • Open your china cabinet, remove and clean all pieces as well as dust and polish the shelves.

Home Office:

  • Organize bills and keep them in a filing cabinet or storage container.
  • File all receipts, bills and instruction manuals.
  • Recycle any unnecessary papers.
    • Shred any documents containing personal or confidential information.

Living Room:

  • Organize all movies, music cd’s, games and books.
    • Donate any items that you don’t want to keep, for example, a book that hasn’t been read in 5 years is good item to donate.
  • Recycle any magazines that are lying around and haven’t been read.
  • Keep all remote controls together or consider a universal remote.
  • Reorganize furniture to create more open space in your living room.


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