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PODS Franchisee Opportunities, Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: The PODS’ Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) answers all questions regarding our franchise opportunities. The FDD is available in electronic format as a .pdf file or as a paper copy. The following list of questions is a brief response to typical inquiries. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between these questions and the FDD, the FDD will control.

What are the start-up costs to become a PODS franchisee?

Your initial investment within the first two years is estimated to be in the range of $1.5M to $4M depending upon the size of the territory.  These figures are estimates only as there are many factors that will impact your costs.  We cannot guarantee that you will not have additional expenses in starting your business.

What do I need to do to qualify financially?

To buy a PODS franchise you need a net worth of at least $1 million.  As part of your net worth you will need at least $300,000 in liquid assets, such as cash or stocks, which you can use to invest in PODS.  Net worth is defined as your total assets (including cash, stocks, homes, cars, recreational vehicles, businesses etc.) less liabilities.

Does PODS help with financing?

No.  However, we can provide a list of financial institutions familiar with the PODS concept that may be willing to finance some of your operational needs.

How much money can I expect to make?

We do not make earnings claims.  Profitability depends on many factors including: location, financing terms and your ability to run the business effectively. 

Besides financial factors, what else do you look for in a prospective franchisee?

We look for franchisees with an owner/operator mentality and prior success operating a business.  You will also need to have the ability to write and execute a business plan. 

If I have an existing warehouse, can I use it to store PODS Containers?

Perhaps.  There are certain minimum requirements that your warehouse would need to have to be appropriate for PODS operations.  For instance, there are certain height requirements and door opening requirements.

Would PODS consider a Master Franchise arrangement?

Yes.  In overseas markets, we would be happy to discuss Master Franchise opportunities so that we can leverage your local expertise to build the market.

Am I offered territorial protection?

Yes. The Franchise Agreement provides an area of protection while you remain in good standing. This provides you with exclusive rights to service your market area for PODS.

How are territories established?

A PODS territory is sold based on population blocks of 400,000.  For instance, 300,000 = .75 of a territory and 800,000 = 2 territories.

Do I purchase inventory from PODS?

PODS® brand containers and lifts (PODZILLAS®) must be purchased from PODS.

What are the royalty fees?

The royalty is 8% of your net sales and the marketing and advertising fee is 2% of your net sales. 

What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The initial term is 20 years, which may be renewed for additional 10-year terms if  you remain in good standing.  Renewal is subject to current franchise terms, conditions and renewal fees.

What locations are currently available?

Below you will find our current availability lists.  If the market you are interested in is not currently available, we encourage you to check back periodically.

Available U.S. markets: http://www.pods.com/docs/availterrlist.pdf

Available International markets: http://www.pods.com/docs/availterrlist-global.pdf

Is PODS considering other foreign markets that are not currently on the international availability list?

Possibly.  If you have an interest in opening a franchise in a country other than those that we have listed, we encourage you to contact us.  We are always looking at markets that will help us build our brand internationally.

What kind of training does PODS provide to new franchisees?

We provide new franchisees with various tools and resources, including a week of training at Corporate headquarters, 80 hours of online training and 2 weeks of onsite support.

Additionally, PODS hosts a company-wide conference and regional franchise meetings in local markets annually.  We also hold monthly “Build Your Business” seminars.

What support will I receive after training is completed?

Your Franchise Development Manager will visit your site within the first two weeks of opening.

Is it possible to secure a Franchise Agreement for more than one market?

Yes.  We can offer multi-unit operations as long as you meet the financial requirements.

What are the steps in the franchise application process?

The first step is to complete an application and confidentiality agreement.  Then fax or scan and email both documents back to us.  Once we have received your application and confidentiality agreement and you are conditionally approved, we will send you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document and an invitation to attend a Discovery Day event.  Our Discovery Day sessions, at our offices in Clearwater, Florida, will give you an opportunity to learn more about PODS, meet with key individuals throughout our organization, visit a warehouse and see product demonstrations.

How can I contact you for more information?

Franchise Sales:
Fax: 1-727-532-2665
Email: franchiseinquiries@pods.com
Address: 5585 Rio Vista Drive, Clearwater, Florida 33760