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Climate Controlled Storage

Your stuff is valuable, not only to you, but also to us. That’s why most PODS storage centers offer security, pest, and climate control protection appropriate to their location and climate.

Climate Controlled Storage CenterAlthough PODS containers offer excellent protection for your belongings, if you need to store your belongings out of the way for more than a few weeks, having your container stored in our storage center is your best option for several reasons.

Protection from climate extremes. Most household goods will hold up pretty well against changes in temperature or a little humidity, but long-term exposure to high humidity and peak summertime temperatures can damage woods, laminates, paper, or create an environment suitable for mold and mildew. Freezing temperatures can also damage belongings, including anything from wood furniture to wax candles. When your container is stored in one of our climate controlled storage centers, it’s protected against extreme air temperatures and humidity. Not all PODS Storage Centers are climate controlled, but your PODS Sales or Service representative can advise you about the standards for your local facility.

Protection from extreme weather. PODS water-resistant containers offer excellent protection against the elements, however they are not air tight or water tight. (None of our competitors containers are air tight or water tight either!)  So storing your PODS container in a PODS storage center helps to protect your belongings from flooding, torrential and sideways rain, wind and pollen, and other contaminants that can damage your belongings.

Protection from theft and vandalism. Although a locked PODS container is typically secure from casual vandalism or burglary, no storage container, vehicle, or even building is completely safe from a determined thief. But by placing your locked container into a PODS Storage Center, you make it that much harder for someone to access your belongings. Unlike typical self-storage units where anyone else at the facility can walk right up to the door of your unit, access to PODS containers at a PODS Storage Center is only available by appointment.  And unlike warehouses used by full service moving companies, only you have the key to your PODS container to access your stuff.

Protection from sun damage and pests. All PODS containers have translucent features that allow light into the container to make it easier for you to see what you’re doing, sort through boxes, or find that missing item. But this translucence can also allow for sun bleaching of cloth, leather or wood if the exposure goes on for weeks or months. In addition, bees, wasps, ants, and other pests sometimes may find it convenient to build a nest or go foraging for food inside of a portable storage container. PODS recommends that all items placed into our containers be boxed, wrapped, covered, or otherwise protected, but the best protection is to have your container stored in a PODS Storage Center, out of the sun, and away from insects and other pests.