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Between Moves

Real Estate Agent Testimonials About Using PODS Moving and Storage

My clients have used PODS when there is a delay between selling and buying or when they have to move in with family while their home is still under contruction.

Clayton, NC

(My clients) were really thrilled when they moved from Chicago to Atlanta … (the PODS Container) was shipped right to the door step of their new home.

Palatine, IL

I have a client whose close is happening on her sale one week before her new home will be ready. She is leisurely packing her POD and will have it stored until she is ready to move.

Baton Rouge, LA

I would recommend to ALL agents (that they) take the PODS brochure to all listing appointments. Just shows we are ahead of the crowd!

Midlothian, VA

My experience was an out of area buyer who rented and packed the container and then had it delivered to his new home. It was waiting at new home the day he closed. He was very satisfied with price, service and his discount.

Clay, NY

One client with lots of kids collected all the toys and just put them in (a PODS Container). Opened lots of closet space and room space and (removed ) basement clutter. Kids never missed the toys but it kept prospects from tripping over the Big Wheel.

Ballwin, MO

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