How to Pack a Self Storage Container | PODS

How to Pack your PODS Storage Container

Outside of being able to take your time, loading and unloading a PODS® moving or storage container is much easier than loading a rental truck up a ramp or a self storage space.

Below are helpful tips on how to pack a PODS® container:

  1. As you are packing, take a few extra minutes to write an inventory list.
  2. Pack as much as possible in boxes, and use packing paper or fillers to eliminate empty spaces and provide protection for your belongings. This will make loading your PODS® container easier.
  3. Don’t over pack. Be sure box tops and sides don’t bulge or cave in.
  4. Use moving pads to protect furniture.
  5. Label boxes to make unpacking easier.
  6. Take care to evenly distribute the weight of your contents throughout the container and use all available space.
    1. This includes wall to wall and floor to ceiling.
    2. To optimize space, you can fill the refrigerator, washer, dryer and other hollow items that take up space.
    3. Pack pictures, mirrors and other similarly shaped items in the spaces between beams. This will help protect them by creating a tighter fit.
    4. Mix small items with larger items to fill spaces, and don’t save all your boxes for the end.
    5. Use the handy tie downs to secure your belongings one section at a time.
    6. Place soft, light items such as pillows in a plastic bag and place them in small spaces where boxes can’t fit.

The following are some of the items that should not be stored in the container: animals, aircraft, hovercraft, motor vehicles, engines, trailers, and hazardous materials.