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Moving and Storage Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Superior Customer Satisfaction

At PODS, service and satisfaction are inherent in all that we do. We want you to be so thrilled with PODS that you will recommend us to your friends and family. We prove it every day. Here are just a few stats:

  • 9 out of 10 of our customers say PODS is less stressful than the old way of moving and storage.
  • PODZILLA has moved over 2 million containers without dropping one.
  • Over 900,000 customers have experienced the flexibility and convenience of PODS

Our Customers Rave About PODS

Celebrities love PODS

MOVING Customers

The PODS solution is perfect! We are remodeling our new home before we move in, so we needed a place to store our stuff. Finding a mover, putting everything in storage and moving it again seemed so complicated. Everything happened exactly when they said. It couldn't have been easier, and I've told a bunch of my friends.

Amagansett, NY

I just got a PODS delivered today, and I think your single PODS delivery truck with the rectangular PODS delivery vehicle on top is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. Make sure you invite any little kids you know to come over and watch the container delivery! It's the coolest sight you've ever seen!

Washington, DC

I have friends that would have helped me pack the truck and unload it, but to ask them to come back 2 months later and do the whole thing over in reverse is not a good way to keep your friends. I got the storage container and my wife and I moved everything by ourselves. There was no rushing to return the truck back and no bad backs trying to lift the stuff 5 feet to get it in the truck.

Chelsea, Massachusetts

This worked perfectly for me because I wanted to get things out of the house before I put it on the market. Now, when the house sells, I'll just pack up the rest, and have PODS move everything to my new house. I loved the idea that the container doesn't tip when it's loaded on the truck, so our valuables were safe. It was easy to load everything ourselves since the container didn't have a ramp and was right in our driveway.

Sacramento, CA

STORAGE Customers

With PODS, I only had to pack once and didn't have to drive to and from a storage unit. I considered using traditional storage, but it was more expensive than PODS to store all of my things.

Santee, CA

With PODS, I didn't have to drive a big old rental truck through the mountains during the winter. And PODS was significantly less expensive than a moving company.

Colorado Springs, CO

I was moving to a different state and I considered using a moving van line for my move, but it was too expensive. Not to mention that I didn't have to get it done all in one day, I was able to load and unload my stuff whenever I wanted.

Greenville, TN

PODS made my move so much easier! We packed our things when we wanted to. I looked at moving companies and they were very expensive and when I looked at renting a truck, the price of gas made it more expensive than PODS too. The drivers were very friendly, and we're recommending your services to all of our friends.

Asheboro, NC