Last Minute Moving and Storage for Personal Emergencies | PODS

Moving and Storage for Personal Emergencies

In many situations, people need to both move and store their belongings and PODS is a perfect solution. So, if you’ve experienced a personal emergency and need a quick and reliable solution for emergency storage or emergency moving, look no further than PODS.

We specialize in emergency response solutions that include:

  1. Three different PODS® storage container sizes to store and move all of your belongings.
  2. Quick and reliable delivery of your storage and moving containers.
  3. Handle the moving of your belongings across town or across the country.
  4. Long term storage of your PODS® containers in one of our secure Storage Centers, or you can keep your containers on-site for quick accessibility.

Additionally, PODS emergency services are available in 48 states, Canada and Australia. With PODS, you can focus on your personal emergency and not have to worry about the moving and storage of your belongings.


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