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Government Contract Moving and Storage

militaryweb2Base, military housing and government building renovations. PODS has worked with several military bases and government office buildings to facilitate and expedite renovations. Using PODS mitigates the disruption to military and government personnel - Eliminating the need for them to rent a truck and move their items during renovations.

Disaster recovery. PODS has been a key player in the Government's disaster relief plans and emergency preparedness on local, state and federal level. Proactively, we provide storage for emergency response supplies like water, tarps and MREs and can deliver containers full of supplies in many cases within hours after an event. On a reactive basis, we supply PODS containers to store items to protect them from further damage due to the elements and from theft.

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Special discounts are available to all active and retired military personnel.

Do-It-Yourself (DITY) moves. PODS has moved thousands of military personnel across the country. With PODS, we do all the driving so military personnel can spend more time with their families. PODS also provides a stress free storage solution for servicemen and women who may be deployed overseas and have a need to store their household items for months at a time. Upon their return to the States, we can deliver the container to their new base or installation within our service areas. Call toll free 866-846-0900 for details.

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