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Retail & Office Storage Solutions from PODS

Business and Retail Storage width=305In addition to traditional uses of PODS for residential moving and storage, PODS containers offer unique storage solutions for business.

Deliver added value. PODS is a valuable bonus to the customer experience for many businesses. From offloading excess goods, which gives you more space to serve your customers and create a better selling environment, to including PODS as part of your service offering, PODS can deliver extra profit to your business and extra value to your customers.

Protect capital assets. Sturdy, weather-resistant PODS containers offer protection of your capital assets during projects. You can keep your container on-site or in one of our many secure Storage Centers.

Serve ever-changing needs. Business moving and storage needs can vary from month-to-month and year-to-year. PODS business solution offers options to accommodate these needs, including three sizes of containers, short and long-term storage options, and either at your site or at our secure Storage Center-all designed to meet the evolving needs of today's dynamic businesses.

Save time and money. You can focus on the business of your business--leave moving and storage to PODS.

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