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PODS' Business Warehouse Storage Solutions

PODS containers are ideal for:

Construction and renovation. Protect furniture, office equipment, retail items or stage fixtures, buildout items and signage to reduce the amount of time it takes to open stores and generate revenue. Pre-pack store opening materials, store, then ship to opening locations.

Extra inventory. Store merchandise, window and display fixtures, signage, promotional items, apparel, supplies, and office furniture storage offsite to make valuable square footage previously dedicated to storage available for selling.

Files and documents. Archive legal and accounting documents, sales and expense reports, case histories, etc. offsite and out of the way.

Seasonal items. Safely store holiday decorations, outdoor furniture, sports and recreation equipment, displays and signage offsite, then have them brought back to you for the next season.

Storage between moves. We'll store your PODS storage container in our secure Storage Center and deliver it to your new location when you need it. No need to pack and unpack until you're ready to move into your new location.

Business Warehouse Storage Solutions

If your business needs extra storage, PODS can conveniently store your items at your location or at one of our many secure Storage Centers. PODS' innovative business warehouse storage services are designed to address a variety of office storage needs in a way that is simple, cost-effective, more convenient and flexible than traditional storage.

With PODS, you spend more time focusing on your business and leave the moving and storage of your goods to us. Learn more about our business warehouse storage solutions by calling us today!

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