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A smarter way to move and store.

Established in 1998, PODS is making moving and storage more convenient and less stressful through its innovative solution of delivering a level container and providing the customer all the time they need to load and unload their container. Plus we think you should be able to move or store your things without worrying about getting them back damaged.

So whether you are moving or storing personal belongings or business equipment, we have the right answer for you.

Here's how PODS® storage and moving containers work 

We bring it.

We deliver.

We deliver an empty container to you at your convenience.
You pack it.

You pack.

Fill the container your way, at your pace, and call us when you're ready.
We store it.

We store.

We can store your container in one of our secure Storage Centers.
We move it.

We move.

Or, we’ll come pick up your container, and drive it across town or across the country.


PODS delivers an empty container to you and we do all the driving.



PODS works around your schedule, allows you to pack at your own pace and use your container for as long as you want. Perfect for overcoming the unexpected.


and Safety

You lock it and keep the only key. You won’t have to risk damage by moving your belongings multiple times.Our lift is designed to keep your container level, load at ground level, no ramps!



PODS is the same affordable price for 1 day or 30 and there are no hidden fees. Also, you get the convenience and flexibility of PODS at no extra charge!



PODS is the inventor and leader of the portable storage category. We service 48 states, Canada, and Australia, and have made over 1 million deliveries.



With PODS, you have control of your belongings and the whole process. Everything is done on your schedule. And no one has access to your things but you.


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What customers say about PODS


PODS® Storage Centers make storage convenient


PODS is less work than rental trucks


PODS is perfect if you’re between homes


PODS puts you in control

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