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PODS Agency Opportunities, Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the difference between a Franchise Agreement and an Agency Agreement?
A Franchise requires significant investment in franchise territory fees, containers, trucks and lifts, whereas an Agency does not. The agency model assumes the agent already has a Storage Center, staff and possibly a forklift that are not fully utilized. Franchise Agreements last for 20 years and have an upfront fee, royalties and other fees. In the Agency model, the contract term is usually one year, and the agent is compensated on a percent of revenue the business generates, but pays no other fees.

What do I need to do to qualify?
To be a PODS Agent, you will need a Storage Center, a forklift and a driver (for truck/forklift). You will also be expected to spend an agreed upon amount on pre-launch Marketing as well as fund ongoing Marketing efforts out of the revenue generated by the business.

How much money can I expect to make?
We do not make earnings claims. Profitability depends on many factors including: location, your marketing/sales efforts and your ability to run the business effectively. 

Do all Storage Centers qualify to be used for PODS operations?
No. There are certain minimum requirements that your Storage Center would need to have to be appropriate for PODS operations. For instance, there are certain height requirements and door opening requirements. We would need to check your Storage Center to make sure that it qualifies.

Am I offered territorial protection?
Yes. Each Agent is given an area of protection while he/she remains in good standing. This provides Agents with exclusive rights to service a market area for PODS.

What does PODS contribute to the relationship?
PODS will provide Agents with PODS® brand containers, a PODZILLA® lift system and a truck. In addition, PODS will provide all call center functions ranging from: Reservations, booking, scheduling, billing, collections, and customer service.

Which locations are currently available?
Below, you will find our current Agency availability list. Available U.S. Agency markets: http://www.pods.com/docs/availterrlist.pdf

What kind of training does PODS provide to new Agents?
We provide new Agents with various tools and resources, including a week of training at corporate headquarters, extensive online training and up to two weeks of on-site support.

Additionally, PODS hosts a company-wide conference and regional meetings in local markets annually. We also hold monthly “Build Your Business” conference call seminars.

What support will I receive after training is completed?
A PODS representative will visit your site within the first two weeks of opening.

You will have access to IAMPODS.com for current branded collateral, as well as a dedicated Marketing staff to assist you with your marketing campaigns.

Is it possible to secure an Agency Agreement for more than one market?
Yes. We can offer multi-unit operations as long as you have the infrastructure in each market to support each location.

What are the steps in the Agency application process?
The first step is to complete an application and confidentiality agreement. Then fax or scan and email both documents back to us. Once we have received your application and confidentiality agreement and you are conditionally approved, we will schedule a phone call with you to go through next steps. 

How can I learn more about PODS?
For approved candidates, PODS holds Discovery Day events at its corporate headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. The event will provide you with a good overview of our history, and business. 

How can I contact you for more information?

Agency Sales:
Fax: 1-727-532-2665
Email: agencyinquiries@pods.com
Address: 5585 Rio Vista Drive, Clearwater, Florida 33760